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Women's History Month: Marie Curie

We're continuing our series on women who have made significant advances in medicine and today's entry is Marie Curie. Known for her work on...

The Secret Sauce: Kiabeth and Kelly

Traveler Kiabeth+ Recruiter Kelly

The recipe for an award-winning medical staffing agency? Ingredients include:

  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • A dash of humor
  • ...

Delivering Bad News: 5 Tips for Radiologists

Interacting with new faces every day comes with the territory of being a radiologist, or any medical job for that matter. You may enjoy treating new...

5 Radiology Memes Explained

Radiology is one of those fields that is highly misunderstood by people. From what radiology workers actually do, to how demanding their jobs are,...

What You Should Know About Being a Radiology Technologist

Thinking about becoming a radiology technologist? Awesome! It's ranked #15 of Best Health Care Jobs in U.S. News, which makes it a fantastic gig....

​Dear Radiology Techs, Travel Looks Good on You

Dear Radiology Technicians,

As a radiology tech, your schedule is pretty tight. You’ve got a great job that pays well, a 401k and benefits. You have...

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