Traveling Journey

Exuberantly nervous...that's how to describe the feeling. We began our voyage over 9 years ago officing in a 1,000 square foot space affectionately called the Red Room. Our catalyst was the impersonal, stuffy, one-size-fits-all “mold” our industry was becoming. We wanted something more personal:  to share ourselves with you.

When we started we used computer boxes that functioned as temporary desks and a brown Naugahyde sofa that could spin a thousand stories (not those kinds of stories). There were things we knew. There were things we needed to figure out. There were countless things needing refiguring. There was figuring out we don’t know everything! We celebrated victories and framed our first dollar. From the beginning you were there. Everyone that has worked with us, talked to us, yelled at us, and helped us made Triage the success we are today. This story is about you but it is far from over.

Today our office is bigger. We are older. Our families have grown, kids are growing up. We have actual desks (okay we’ve had those for a long time) and a fairly cool office. We still throw foam balls around, make silly wagers with each other, and have tailgates in our parking lot in the fall. Our brown sofa is gone (thankfully) but you aren’t. You are with us!

Remember the Great Recession? While the rest of the industry contracted by 25% we rolled up our sleeves and worked hard to find you jobs. We grew by 10% . . . we grew with you. Remember the other staffing agencies that called you? So do we, and we remember how loyal you are to us and how you keep working for Triage. This is a relationship, a partnership.

The amount of traveling medical professionals and clients we work with has grown (my crummy math can’t calculate the growth percentage) and that’s okay because you’re never a number with us. You are a hardworking, caring healthcare professional who has entrusted us with your career. We have fun working with you. We promise you a day does not go by where we don’t thank our lucky stars. What we have is special.

The journey continues. We are all travelers.

On behalf of Tyler, Brad, and myself . . . thank you!

John Maaske