Hot Traveling Medical Jobs for October

It’s the start of a brand new month, which means we have another round of exciting new travel jobs for you! Triage Staffing has compiled a list of ten of the hottest traveling healthcare jobs that are on fire for the fall of 2015. Go ahead! Apply!

We also have our increased referral bonuses which could earn you up to $1000. If you refer three travelers to Triage you could join the Triple Crown Club, and we’ll give you an Apple Watch. It’s our way of showing we go above and beyond for our travelers. Not a Triage traveler? Use our Quick Apply to become one now. We want YOU!


Head to Cali this winter and stay warm! Check out this position:

Physical Therapist | Location: Salinas, CA | Contact: Carla at 800-259-9897 ext. 224

Are you ready to try some fresh Maine crab? Jump on this position!

Physical Therapist | Location: Near Bethel, ME | Contact: Angie 800-259-9897 ext. 228


How many different cheeses are you going to try?

Laboratory - Histology | Location: Wisconsin | Contact: J 800-259-9897 ext. 232

Home for Jazz music and home to you!

Laboratory - MT | Location: New Orleans, LA | Contact: Mike 800-259-9897 ext. 204


These streets will make you feel brand new. The lights will inspire you. Let's hear it for New York!

Cath Lab Technologist | Location: New York | Contact: Brad 800-259-9897 ext. 202

California – don’t cha wish that you could come?

Cath Lab Technologist | Location: California | Contact: Bart 800-259-9897 ext. 218


You could work a short distance to our nation's capital! Check this one out:

RN - Labor and Delivery | Location: Northern, VA | Contact: Marc 800-259-9897 ext. 231

Who doesn’t want to live close to Sin City?

RN - NICU | Location: Nevada | Contact: Mandy or Robyn 800-259-9897 ext. 208/ 215

California Nurses are unforgettable. Fine, fresh, fierce. They got it on lock!

RN - Labor and Delivery | Location: California | Contact: Don 800-259-9897 ext. 212

Do you want to hit the slopes on your day’s off? Move to Denver!

RN - Cath Lab | Location: Denver, CO | Contact: Kendra 800-259-9897 ext. 211

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