Hot Traveling Medical Jobs | February

It’s a new month, which means we have another round of exciting new travel jobs for you! Triage Staffing has compiled a list of the hottest traveling healthcare jobs that you will fall in love with.

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Who doesn’t love California’s weather? Haven’t been? Find out for yourself!

Position: RN - Telemetry | Location: California | Contact: Mandy at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 208

They are making a movie about this town! Fall in love with it before you go.

Position: RN - ER | Location: Lebanon, PA SmD5G | Contact: Aaron at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 222

Are you in love with cheese? There’s sure to be a lot of cheese lovers in WI!

Position: RN - Cath Lab | Location: Wisconsin | Contact: Don at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 212


Everyone loves southern hospitality!

Position: Laboratory - Histology | Location: Georgia 2l002 | Contact: Mike at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 204

Love sightseeing? Florida is sure to give you some amazing views!

Position: Laboratory - MT | Location: Florida | Contact: J at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 232

Develop a love for history in Texas! Texas has history, a lot of history.

Position: Laboratory - MT | Location: South Texas | Contact: Derek at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 213


New Mexico is a paradise for lovers of spicy food.

Position: Physical Therapist | Location: New Mexico | Contact: Bill at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 230

Fall in love with the views at The Grand Canyon!

Position: Physical Therapist | Location: Mesa, AZ | Contact: Carla at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 224

Everyone loves a good concert! Free Concerts for The Final Four in Indiana.

Position: Occupational Therapist| Location: Indiana | Contact: David at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 227


People love The Path of Life Sculpture Garden in Windsor, VT!

Position: Ultrasound General | Location: Windsor, VT | Contact: Kelly at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 201

Love craft beers? CO has the second-most craft breweries of any state!

Position: Cath Lab Technologist | Location: Colorado | Contact: Bart at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 218

Houston attitudes are positive, it’s uplifting. Who wouldn’t love that?

Position: Xray | Location: Houston, TX | Contact: Ray at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 246

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