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San Jose is a bright and diverse city! There’s tons to do and if you happen to get bored, there are many big cities right around it.

Position: Cath Lab Technologist | Location: San Jose, CA | Contact: Kelly at or 800-259-9897 ext. 201

Almost-perfect climate year round? Who wouldn’t want to live in California for a while?

Position: MRI | Location: California | Contact: Brad at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 202

Love Disneyland and other theme parks? California is packed with great ones to spend your days off riding roller coasters and meeting unique characters.

Position: MRI | Location: California | Contact: Kelly at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 201

Big cities can be terrifying when it comes to the amounts of traffic, but reports say that Wyoming has some of the most open roads around!

Position: Respiratory Therapist | Location: Wyoming | Contact: Ray at call 800-259-9897 ext. 246



If you’re a free spirit then there are several reasons why moving to Olympia will be awesome. 1st reason: it was voted Best City in the US for Hippies.

Position: OR Tech | Location: Olympia, WA | Contact: or call 800-259-9897

If you love history, take a moment to appreciate how quaint Alexandria is and how they appreciate their vast history.

Position: RN - Case Manager | Location: Alexandria, VA | Contact: or call 800-259-9897

Enjoy the astonishing beaches in Miami and work on that summer tan!

Position: RN - Cath Lab | Location: Miami, FL | Contact: or call 800-259-9897

Think about the endless knowledge you can discover while living in Washington, DC. The history, museums and art galleries are endless!

Position: RN - ER | Location: Washington, DC | Contact: or call 800-259-9897



Calling all craft beer connoisseurs: Portland Oregon is a thriving city filled with awesome breweries!

Position: Physical Therapist | Location: Portland, OR | Contact: Angie at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 228

It’s not Las Vegas Nevada, but there are many famous musicians that came from this city. In fact, they have  a tribute dedicated to 550 local artists! How cool?

Position: Physical Therapist | Location: Las Vegas, NM | Contact: Angie at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 228

The #1 voted place to visit in San Jose is the Municipal Rose Garden. The #2 place to visit is the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. Sounds like a blast!

Position: Physical Therapist | Location: San Jose, CA | Contact: Bill at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 230

There’s endless adventures to be discovered in Dallas. Try the Zero Gravity Thrill Amusement Park while you’re there!

Position: Physical Therapist | Location: Dallas, TX | Contact: Carla at 800-259-9897 ext. 224



If you’re in Tennessee you HAVE to visit Nashville. Locals call it Nash-Vegas due to how exciting this vibrant town is. You might even see a celebrity walking around or performing in a local tavern!

Position: Laboratory - MT | Location: Tennessee | Contact: J at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 232

If you’re a foodie and haven’t been to California to try all of the delectable cuisine, then you’re missing out. California boasts many different food options for all the foodies!

Position: Laboratory - CLS | Location: California | Contact: Mike at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 204

In love with history? Well, Boston is going to have a lot of that for you!

Position: Laboratory - Histology | Location: Boston, MA | Contact: Walter at 800-259-9897 ext. 209

Lewiston's vibrant downtown area has recently become a very exciting place. With local shops, breweries and many restaurants, this place is for sure a spot to visit!

Position: Laboratory - MT | Location: Lewiston, ME | Contact: Rachel at 800-259-9897 ext. 243


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