Check out July’s Hottest Healthcare Traveling Jobs

We’re expecting July to be another scorching one! Check out some of the hottest traveling healthcare positions available at Triage right now. Don’t forget that you can apply within 30 seconds, on our quick apply page. If you know someone looking for a position simply forward this email to them!


If you head to New Mexico, check out the globe’s most colossal cornhole board!

Position: Laboratory - MT | Location: New Mexico | Contact: J at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 232

Need to cool off? Enjoy your day off at Noah’s Ark Water Park. It’s America’s Largest!

Position: Laboratory - MT | Location: Wisconsin | Contact: J at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 232

Five words say it all: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and Spa.

Position: Pathology Assistant | Location: Pennsylvania | Contact: Abby at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 205

Schlitterbahn is in Kansas City and they have the tallest waterslide in the country!

Position: Laboratory - MT | Location: Kansas | Contact: J at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 232

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Love ribs & rock n’ roll? You’ll have to attend Ribfest.

Position: CVOR Tech | Location: Saint Petersburg, FL | Contact: Dean at 800-259-9897 ext. 234

Richmond is home to one of the biggest folk festivals in the US! Check it out.

Position: OR Tech | Location: Richmond, VA | Contact: Sarah at 800-259-9897 ext. 210

Try finding better sunsets than those in the Grand Canyons of Arizona.

Position: Cath Lab | Location: Arizona | Contact: Kendra at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 211

Let’s be honest… Everyone is jealous of Florida’s weather!

Position: CVICU | Location: Florida | Contact: Dean at 800-259-9897 ext. 234


You don’t know seafood unless you’ve eaten some in Maine.

Position: Ultrasound General | Location: Maine | Contact: Kelly at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 201

You have to experience oyster season in Houston.

Position: Xray | Location: Houston, TX | Contact: Ray at 800-259-9897 ext. 246

Southern hospitality, relaxed pace & easy access to east coast amenities? Yes, please.

Position: Ultrasound Echo | Location: Virginia | Contact: Kelly at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 201

Take a ride on the Historic Saint Charles streetcars in Louisiana!

Position: Cath Lab Technologist | Location: Louisiana | Contact: Scott at 800-259-9897 ext. 240


Let’s get this out of the way: Yes, if you love wine, this is heaven

Position: Occupational Therapist | Location: Napa, CA | Contact: Bill at 800-259-9897 ext. 230

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People from Fort Wayne celebrate German culture because it’s their heritage, but the beer doesn’t hurt

Position: Physical Therapist | Location: Fort Wayne, IN | Contact: Jarad at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 247

Hey Cool Cat—If you love jazz, you’ll love Clearwater

Position: Physical Therapist | Location: Clearwater, FL | Contact: Jarad at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 247

Take this position and you’ll be right next to Silicon Valley!

Position: Physical Therapy Assistant | Location: Los Altos, CA | Contact: Angie at or call 800-259-9897 ext. 228

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