15 Reasons Nurses Are Heroes

Nurses are some of the hardest working individuals in the healthcare field. They are the so-called unsung heroes, the angels among us, and they deserve more than just a week to be celebrated. We want to give a shout-out to all those incredible men and women who decided to become a caring professional. It’s going without being said, that Nurses are much greater than just 15 reasons, but here are our 15 reasons Nurses are our Heroes:


 1. They provide medical services and also tend to their patients


2. They calm you down after you’ve checked WebMD


3. They work 10- or 12-hour shifts, usually without breaks


4. Their jobs are some of the most unpredictable


5. A usual shift has nurses taking care of many patients at once


6. They always go above and beyond


7. They witness pain, heartache, and death on a daily basis

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8. They risk their lives to help complete strangers


9. They have the most interesting stories


10. … you might not want to hear their stories though


11. They often have to work the difficult night shift


12. People are often treated like Doctors’ assistants or that they aren’t smart enough, when they often help doctors make more informed decisions.


13. Nurses genuinely care about their patients, and want to help however they can


14. Not only do nurses help their patients, they often help their patients families’ too

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15. Let’s be honest, Nurses make the world a better place.


Nurses have very difficult jobs, we’re just glad there’s a week dedicated to celebrating everything that they do. It goes without saying, if you know a Nurse, give them a hug or just thank them for all the hard work that they put into saving our loved ones lives.